Estate Planning

Estate Planning can serve many purposes. The main reason people seek to make an Estate Plan is to designate where their assets will go when the pass away. Estate Plans can be extremely helpful for the loved ones you leave behind because it makes the process of transferring these assets much easier and can help clear up confusion that could result in loved ones fighting. This part of the plan can include a Last Will and Testament, Trusts, Transfer on Death Deeds and Beneficiary Designations. Another reason people make an Estate Plan is to plan for their needs as they age. People are living much longer than they did 30 years ago which means the assets that they own when they retire often have to last much longer and they may eventually need help managing those assets. This part of the plan can include Medical Power of Attorneys, Directive to Physicians, Statutory Durable Power of Attorneys and meeting with a Financial Planner. Our firm is here to help with any of these needs and the majority of these service are offered at flat-fee rates which can be found on our Rates page.